The Area 3 Board for 2020 Season

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Introducing your Area 3 executive and directors for the 2020 season!

✨ Corey Taylor ✨
Corey is a returning former president and no stranger to the horse shows! Often seen with Team Dewar competing in the all around select amateur! She’s very excited to be returning to serve the members in making 2020 the best season yet. 🥳


💫 Cale Thompson 💫
Cale can be seen around the horse shows with his geldings competing in the all around events as a member of team Stanton. Or in the barn areas braiding and banding. As a new member to the executive board he’s looking forward to helping with exciting new initiatives for a strong and welcoming 2020 season! 🤠


💥 Justin Woodley 💥
Justin is a familiar face around the horse shows with his wife Tanya hailing from team Woodley! He can be found competing in the amateur western events with his gelding! Justin is new to the executive this season bringing a wealth of knowledge and many years of horse industry experience to enhance the 2020 season for the membership!


⭐️ Valarie Love ⭐️
Val is a returning member on the executive committee and wears many hats from stabling to stewarding – she brings the magic! Val is passionate about the American Quarter Horse and the advancement of the breed in today’s horse show landscape.


🌟 Shana Charpontier 🌟
Shana is a returning executive member. She is a familiar face around the rings as her 3 children compete in the semi all around events with Team Gardy! Shana is looking forward to a better than ever 2020 season with the members!


⚡️ Liz Dunlevy ⚡️
Liz is a returning director for 2020. Liz is a familiar face around the horse shows competing in the trail or cheering on her daughter in the all around Level 1 Youth events coming from team Dewar! Liz brings a positive energy to the team and is looking forward to helping the members again in 2020.

⭐️ Jamie Gardy ⭐️
Jamie is a new director to join the team in 2020. However, she is no stranger to the horse shows! She’s been competing since she was a youth and now runs a successful training program fostering the future of the horse show industry! Jamie looks forward to the exciting new initiatives the board is implementing for the 2020 season.

💥 Lisa Black 💥
Lisa is a new director to the 2020 team. Lisa comes from a very horsey family and has been showing successfully in the level 1 amateur events along side her two wonderful and talented sisters and Mum! Lisa brings her friendly and positive approach to assisting the members in a bright 2020 season.

🌟 Shannon Cairncross 🌟
Shannon is a new director on the team for 2020 but a long time volunteer within the region. Shannon comes from a very horsey family and enjoys showing with her Mom and daughter, while her youngest daughter and hubby support them from home! Shannon’s looking forward to an exciting and fun filled season helping the members!

🔅 Marlene Zabel 🔅
Marlene is a new director for the 2020 season. Marlene is a familiar face ringside as she cheers her daughter on in the all around youth events with team Patterson! Marlene brings a strong business back ground to the team and looks forward to building a strong 2020 season.

✨Laura Snow✨
Laura is a new director for the 2020 season. Laura is often busy ringside and behind the scenes at the horse show assisting her clients of all ages in the all around events from level 1 walk trot right thru to the all around amateur events! Laura is looking forward to supporting the members and committee in the 2020 season.