Helping Hands Award

This award is given each year in honour of one of our very own special members

Linda Lambert was an untiring volunteer of Area 3 for many years. A carded WHAO judge, ring steward, board member and avid horse enthusiast, she was the active wheel that kept the club turning. In 1999, while ring stewarding a horse show, she was struck by lightning that took her life.

In her spirit of giving, the HELPING HANDS AWARD was established so we may recognize and thank those special people who do not ask for accolades or payback, Sundays off or overtime. They simply do what needs to be done, see the job through come rain or shine.

Helping Hands Award Recipients:

2019 – Nancy Mosley and Gord Laidlaw
2018 – Gord Laidlaw
2017 – Debbie Pereira
2016 – Mike Mallette
2015 – Marlene Goldsmith
2014 – Jessica Mosley-Cairncross
2013 – Nancy Mosley
2012 – Leslie Riley
2011 – Jessica Mosley Cairncross
2010 – Rob Taylor
2009 – Greg Reeves
2008 – Lynn Riley
2007 – Greg Reeves
2006 – Bonnie Lawson, Debbie Pereira, Corey Taylor, Elizabeth Willsey, Shannon Cairncross
2005 – Hilton Howe
2004 – Jimima McRae
2003 – Wendy Cairncross
2002 – Andrea McGowan
2001 – Greg Reeves
1999 – Diena Purdy

Would you like to volunteer?

Please contact us if you would be interested in offering some time as a volunteer – we always have jobs both at the shows and away from the shows that need attention!