Looking Forward to 2019

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Amateurs in 2019

…by Lynn Riley – Area 3 Member

Area 3 Amateurs talk about:

  1. What they are looking forward to with their horse this show season
  2. What they are looking forward to in 2019 non-horse related.

Sierra Fiacconi

  1. I am looking forward to showing at the 2019 Congress for the first time with my gelding Awesome Mr Krymsun (Felix).
  2. In 2019 I am looking forward to graduating from the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program from Laurentian University.

Carlie Giles

  1. This year I am looking forward to just showing Kcees Awesome Te (Zeek)! I am thankful he is still sound and sane and loves to show – I love being in the show pen with him. Also, I am going to show my mare, Im Snapping Along (River) this year, so I am looking forward to what she has to teach me in the show pen.
  2. Thinking of something that I am looking forward to non-horse related is hard, as my life seems to revolve around them; however, I really do enjoy glamping, spending the day on the boat and doing all the fun things summer has to offer.

Catherine Lemieux

  1. In 2019, I am looking forward to my journey building a connection with my new mare The Hot And Only (Iris). I am hoping to show the all round and I’m really excited for Trail.
  2. Outside of the horses for 2019, that’s a hard one because horses take up my whole life. I’m hoping I can continue doing what I do.

Michelle Mason

  1. I am looking forward to continuing to show my current horse He Figured It Out (Harry) out of my parent’s broodmare One Awesome Cookie and by Charlie Hilfiger. Harry is the first of the babies from my parent’s breeding program that I have decided to keep and show, so he holds a special place in my heart as I have had him since he was a baby. My plan is to show Harry in the all around events and maybe even trying the Hunter Under Saddle this year.
  2. Since I just got married this past September, I am hoping for a quiet year ahead, but of course with some travelling. Marty and I are looking forward to a trip to Las Vegas in February (he got me tickets to see Britney Spears) and a sun vacation in April for my birthday.

Kayleigh Pollowy-Blink

  1. I am most looking forward to building my relationship even more with my show partner Im A Natural Secret (Casper). He has been such a great partner for me in 2018 and after being out of the show ring for quite a few years now, he definitely helped make this past year such a positive one! Continuing to build our partnership is definitely what I am looking forward to the most!
  2. I am most looking forward to completing my degree from the University of Guelph in 2019! I have been in school completing different programs and courses for almost 7 years now, so I think my friends and family would agree that they are also looking forward to me being done (for now) this coming year!

Christine St-Jean

  1. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and enjoying time off work. I’ve worked on a prepaid leave of absence at work for the last 4 years and will be off for most of 2019. My goal is to qualify for the Select World Show with my mare, Zippers Graduate (Colby) in Showmanship, Trail and Western Pleasure – if I get lucky. I will be showing in Florida and Michigan and maybe New York with my great friends and trainers – Woodley Quarter Horses.
  2. As for non-horse related, I would love to cook and get things done around my home I’m sure Richard will like that, oh and can’t wait to spend time with my mare’s foal if all goes well.

Shelley Treitz

  1. What I am looking forward to this horse show season with my horse, All Three Gears (Trey) is working on our Select Trail trying to make it more precise and making our maneuvers more plusable. Also, showing at a new facility in 2019 is very exciting!
  2. As far as non-horsey related, I am hitting the books and going back to college to study to become a Medical Lab Technician. I am excited about this, as I have always liked school!

Amanda Yates

Things are always fast paced with tween kids- but starting to get organized for 2019.

  1. This year we have decided to retire and breed RR Im For Certain (Miss Becky). As well as breed my mare Just Alotta Time (Zoey), so our horse show year is up in the air. My main focus over the next few years, will be helping Emily reach her showing goals and hopefully check a few things of my showing bucket list along the way, like maybe try some world show experiences or some of the majors.
  2. Non-horse show 2019 aspirations, well I’m hoping in the fall to do a 9-day hike in the Italian Dolomites with Derrick. I will keep my family busy, healthy and out of trouble. I will work hard so I can play hard!