June 29 – July 3, 2019

Lindsay Exhibition Grounds
All In One Fee
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Move In Times
Thursday June 27
Friday June 28

Lori Gordon
Allen Mitchells
Stacey Roberson 
Lynda Danielson
Danielle Burns

Show Information

  • New Venue for 2019
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    Area 3 is proud to present all of the 2019 Summerama Show information. Any new information or changes pertaining to show bills, entry forms and show packages will occur here.

    Show Bill & Pattern Books

    2019 Summerama Show Bill  *June 21*
    2019 Summerama Pattern Book [All Patterns] *June 21*
    2019 Summerama Trail Patterns Only *June 20*

    Entry Form

    New for 2019, please send to Cut off will be 5 days prior to the first day of the show to allow time for preparation.
    2019 Advanced Entries Form *June 21*

    Area 3 Show Package

    The Show Package is a complete PDF containing all of the forms and information for the 2019 show season. The show package contains:
    ~ Booking Information and Rules
    ~ Stall Booking Form
    ~ Camping Booking Form
    ~ All In One Fee Explained
    ~ Membership Application Form
    ~ Membership Reminder
    ~ Sponsorship Opportunities Form

    Stalls Maps

    Pinch & zoom on mobile to find your name/location
    Horse Barn | Cattle Barn | Agri Building | Poultry Barn
    Important Note: Any questions contact Val Love (905) 263-8158

    Campsite Map

    Pinch & zoom on mobile to find your name/location
    Campsite Map
    Important Note: there will be a tag with your name on the campsite hydro hookup.
    Please plug into your name and tie the tag around your electrical cord.
    Any questions contact Cheri Woodrow (705) 321-2230

    Stall Booking Information

    LATE FEES: have been removed. If you haven’t booked yet or need more stalls to use the new stall booking form

    DEADLINE: stalls must be booked by June 15, 2019. After that date, stalls will only be available by chance.

    GROUPS: bookings MUST be received together for all people in the group. While every effort will be made to comply with specific stall grouping requests, show management reserves the right to assign stall locations pursuant to available space.

    CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: must be received within 2 weeks of the show will NOT receive a refund under any circumstance for any part of their booking (Stall, All In, Camping etc).

    For all other show news or special show events please visit the Summerama Show page.