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Company Name
AIS Web Design and Management

Website & Facebook
www.aisdesign.ca | facebook/aiswebdesign

Company Email

Brampton, Ontario Canada

Years in Business

What services does your business offer?
Professional website designs, content and cloud management for small to medium sized businesses.

What led you to start your business?
In 1997 the Internet revolution began with the introduction the Netscape browser. Already being in IT it was a natural fit to help clients get their business on the Internet.

Does your business have a relationship with the horse industry? If so, how did that come about?
I’ve been married to Jodi Mallette of JM Quarter Horses.

Do you participate in Area 3 shows? If so, what are your favourite classes?
I help Jodi by doing all of her trailering so she can concentrate on her clients. I’m often at shows throughout the summer and my favourite class to watch is trail.

What aspects of the Quarter Horse industry have you been able to take away and use in your business?
The people and their commitment to the sport is unwavering. I apply the same commitment to quality and professionalism for all of my clients so they can focus on what they do best knowing their website or project is in good hands.

What cutting edge business practice is your company known for?
Always learning and trying something new but at the same time ensuring clients use mainstream products and services to avoid the pitfalls and expense of having obsolete technology.

What is new and exciting in your business you wish to share?
There is always so much going on in technology. Be flexible and open to change…it will come regardless, don’t get stuck in the past.

Do you have some advice for young entrepreneurs?
If you are looking to start your own business I have 5 core principles I’d like to share:

1) get organized and make effective decisions
2) be flexible and willing to go the extra mile for clients even if it means not charging for it
3) communicate with and understand your customers needs
4) do the easy stuff first and fast; customers understand the size and scope of a project but love it when small things they need right now is completed in a timely fashion
5) above all else take time to recharge and refresh the mind; get out of the office and leave it all behind, for a hour, an afternoon, a whole day