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Company Name
Equine Massage by Heather Doig


Company Email

Orangeville and Surrounding areas

Years in Business
9 years

What services or goods does your business offer?
Equine Massage by Heather Doig offers Massage for athletes to retirement, Game Ready cryotherapy, Acupressure, Low Level Light Therapy, and general case consulting

What led you to start your business or become involved in an existing business?
As a veterinary technician and horse lover, I sought out further education in massage, and subsequesntly other alternative therapies as I felt that there was a niche in the horse industry and an opportunity to help these horses live a better life.

Does your business have a relationship with the horse industry? If so, how did that come about?
My business relies 100% on the horse industry as it is based on the health of the horse.

Do you have any horses? If so, how many?
I have a very handsome bay Quarter Horse gleding named Chad (aka Twista Fate,) as well as a new addition – Belle – a black monster percheron mare.

Do you participate in Area 3 shows? If so, what are your favourite classes?
I’m not a current exhibitor, but I am almost always in the cheering section. I am a fan of the horsemanship, trail, and western riding.

Tell us about a memorable horse experience.
My favourite time of day – first thing in the morning in the winter, opening the stable door before anyone else arrives. The horses are all just waking up, nickering, happy to see someone. So cozy!

What aspects of the Quarter Horse industry have you been able to take away and use in your business?
I have seen such dedication to the sport and the breed. Dedication is so important in anything you venture to do

What cutting edge business practice is your company known for?
My continuing education, evolving methods as well as my Game Ready equipment (those horses LOVE it!)

What is new and exciting in your business you wish to share?
Coming up soon – case management and nutrition! More to come…

Do you have some advice for young entrepreneurs?
Never stop learning. If you think you’ve arrived, think again!