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Orillia, Ontario

Years in Business

What services or goods does your business offer?
Cowboy Hat cleaning and shaping.

What led you to start your business or become involved in an existing business?
I wasn’t actually looking to start my own business but I saw a need for this service and thought it would help offset some of my showing costs. However, my services have been well received and I am thrilled with the business possibilities!

Does your business have a relationship with the horse industry? If so, how did that come about?
Definitely! A clean, well shaped hat is a must for western performance classes.

Do you have any horses? If so, how many?
Yes, I have owned my present horse, Gab Me A Cool One (Hershey) for almost 3 years and I am having so much fun with him!

Do you participate in Area 3 shows? If so, what are your favourite classes?
Yes, my favourite classes are trail and horsemanship.

Tell us about a memorable horse experience.
I haven’t been showing very long and started late in life so every moment I can spend with my horse is memorable!

What aspects of the Quarter Horse industry have you been able to take away and use in your business?
Always be open to change and stay current with the latest trends.

What cutting edge business practice is your company known for?
As a fairly new company, I hope I am getting known as a competent hat shaper and provide friendly and efficient service.

What is new and exciting in your business you wish to share?
I am currently in talks with a hat company in Texas about bringing hats in to Ontario for resale. I am also learning to add embellishments to hats (studs, crystals etc) I also take in some western clothing for consignment sales.

Do you have some advice for young entrepreneurs?
Don’t let money be your main reason for starting a business. Starting a business is hard work and you have to like what you are doing!