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The Figure Seven


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St. Clements ON

Years in Business

What services or goods does your business offer?
The supplements you already love in a Convenience Pack tailored to your individual horses needs.

What led you to start your business or become involved in an existing business?
I was a consultant in the feed industry for several years after University. After visiting many feed rooms, and working with many feed programs, it was easy to see there was a need for a more efficient supplementing system easily available in Canada. With a background in nutrition everything clicked and we went to work.

Does your business have a relationship with the horse industry? If so, how did that come about?
All of my best clients have 4 legs! I grew up with horses, and a close circle of horse friends. We’ve all stayed in the industry and enjoy working with each other. Through my feed consultant work I have networked a nice group of enthusiasts, and met many amazing equestrians through The Figure Seven

Do you have any horses? If so, how many?
Yes, I still enjoy raising Quarter Horses. We have 7 Quarter horses and a few borders on our farm 20 minutes south of Sauble Beach.

Do you participate in Area 3 shows? If so, what are your favourite classes?
I have not participated in any Area 3 shows, but it is my 5 year (now 4 year) goal to be back in the show ring. Right now I have too much going on to train as much as I need to.

Tell us about a memorable horse experience.
My first horse was Juno (a PMU baby from out west). When I was younger and showing she excelled at everything. I was 10 when I went to Quarterama for the first time, and on the way home I told my Mom I was taking her to Quarterama the following year. I was quite disappointed to learn that she could never show at Quarterama, but it was the beginning of my love for the breed and shaped my future with them.

What aspects of the Quarter Horse industry have you been able to take away and use in your business?
I find that of all disciplines the people who show Quarter Horse are more laid back and down to earth. It calms a busy day when I get to chat with or consult with one of my QH customers.

What cutting edge business practice is your company known for?
Making an amazing supplementing system easily available in Canada.

What is new and exciting in your business you wish to share?
We are working on our first shipment of Convenience Packs to an Olympic rider and his barn clients.

Do you have some advice for young entrepreneurs?
Everything happens for a reason. If you want it bad enough, everything will fall into place as it should. There will be rough times, tough times, and times that you wonder if you made the right choice. Down the road you will look back at those times and they will seem so minor compared to where they lead you to.