Youth Spotlight – Taylor Longhouse

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Taylor Longhouse


grade 8


What is your horses’ name?
A Graceful Minute (Cowboy)

Why do you love your horse?
I love my horse because he is sweet like a big teddy bear and easy to ride and me and Cowboy the perfect show team.

How long have you been involved in Quarter Horses?
I have been involved with Quarter Horses since i was a little girl but i didn’t start showing till i was 9 all the way till now.

Who is your coach?
Darci & Mike Rapley

What is your favourite class?
Hunter Under Saddle

What other class(es) are you showing in?
I show in Hunter under saddle, Equitation, Western pleasure, horsemanship, Halter. Starting to move into showmanship and maybe trail.

Why do you like to show?
I like to show because it gives me a chance to hang around the horses more and i have so many more friends along the way and even met my best friend doing this. Also it made me a better rider and to start doing new events and experiences i would have never done if i didn’t show in the AQHA.

What is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement was placing in the top ten at the 2012 Congress.

What activities are you involved with outside of horses?
I do basketball, and lots of sports, love to hangout with friends, I like to draw.

What do you aspire to be?
I aspire to be a professional and successful trainer.

What are your favourite movies?
-hunger games

What are your favourite songs?
She’s country-Jason Aldean
Kick in the sticks-Brantley Gilbert
Better dig two -The band perry
i knew you where trouble-Taylor swift
and tones more….