Area 3 Youth

Achievement Award Winners & Spotlights

Area 3 offers a year-end commemorative youth achievement award.

Each year the Area 3 Board of Directors watches the activity at the horse shows and related club events throughout the year to find possible youth candidates who would fit the criteria of an ‘achiever’ in the horse world.

The recipient of this award is someone who must exemplify both sportsmanship and horsemanship. An individual who is a role model for all youth, generous and courteous to all – helpful and instrumental in various club activities – quick to offer congrats and encouragement – treating their horse with respect and care – a youth who cares deeply for the quarter horse’s versatile qualities.

It is with careful thought and consideration of all the great youth in our club that the board, with some assistance from others within our club, must select one individual who sets the standard for excellence.

Youth Achievement Award Winners

2017 – Darla LeRoux
2016 – Paige McDonald
2015 – Abby Schaap
2014 – Hannah Buijs
2013 – Tiana Domingos
2012 – Tiana Domingos
2011 – Kathryn Stanton
2010 – Stephanie Willsey
2009 – Alison Cameron
2008 – Elizabeth Willsey
2005 – Tausha Hellyer
2004 – Amanda Pereira
2003 – Kristin Tupling
2002 – Sarah Black
2001 – Jesse Hepburn
1999 – Christine Reid

Area 3 Youth Spotlight

  • Name


    Alliston Union Public School


    Horse's name

    Coach's name

    Favourite class(es)

    What classes do you currently show in?
    Trail, Horsemanship, Pleasure, Hunter under saddle, Equitation

    How long have you been involved in Quarter Horses?
    My whole life

    What is your biggest achievement?
    Getting a second in trail

    Why do you love your horse?
    Because our personalities are the same, we just get each other. He is so kind and gentle

    Why do you like to show?
    Because it test my limits and scale

    What activities are you involved in outside of horses?
    Hockey, volleyball, basketball, football, rugby, tennis, ball hockey

    Favourite Song(s) or Artist(s)
    I Believe in Angels

    Favourite Movie(s) or Genre(s)

    Favourite Mobile App(s)
    Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat

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